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The Copyright Act, 1957 (the ‘Act’) came into effect in January 1958. By law, copyright is the legal right entitled to creators of literary, dramatics, music, and artistic work and producers of films and recordings. When a proprietor registers for a Copyright, it gives him an exclusive right to reproduce, replicate, and distribute the work. Further, he can grant authority to some other entity for the same purpose. Register for copyright because it makes you communicate to the public, reproduce rights, and adapt & translate the works. One of the important amendments to the Copyright Act in 2012 is the extension of copyright protection in the digital environment. such as penalties for circumvention of technological protection measures and rights management information.

Protected under Copyright

It protects the creation of ideas alone it cannot be protected. The following may be protected under copyright law.

Basic Requirements for Copyright Registration

Registration ensures legal safety guards goodwill and restricts unlawful replica of the work of the inventor. Global protection because the copyright in India is known just about worldwide.

Basic Details of Candidate:

Basic details likes Name, Address, and Nationality of the candidate are required earlier than registration.

Soft Copies and CDs:

Candidate should make a delicate copy of his/her work and all information optionally in JPEG, JPG or GIF format. If you wish to file a copyright for your pc programs, then you have to put together four CDs or DVDs of the particular pc programs.

Get a Trademark Certificate for Artistic Work:

If you may be submitting copyright registration for any creative work, a clear copyright search certificates has to be taken from the trademark workplace earlier than submission.

Power of Attorney:

If the candidate is registering copyright through any authorized firm or advocate, the ability of attorney rightfully signed by the candidate is necessary.

Procedure for Copyright Registration


An application within the format of FORM IV has to should be despatched to the registrar along with the requisite charges . A separate utility must be made for separate works


If any objection is obtained, the examiner will ship a letter to both the events about the objections and can give them each a hearing.


Every software must be signed by the applicant as properly as an Advocate in whose favour a Vakalatnama or a POA has been executed


no any objections obtained inside 30 days, the scrutinizer will examine the application for any discrepancy and if no discrepancy is there, the registration might be carried out and an extract will be despatched.


The registrar will issue a Dairy No. and then there is a necessary waiting time for a interval of 30 days for any objections to be acquired


After the hearing, if the objections are resolved the scrutinizer will scrutinize the application and approve or reject the appliance because the case could additionally be Registration.

Why Copyright Registration?

Copyright registration is extremely important for the one who creates something unique. Copyright secures companies, authors, writers, software developers, etc. they provide several benefits:

Legal Protection

And helps as clear evidence within the court of law over ownership of the work. along side this, it offers Infringement Protection. It gives the creator the proper thanks to get to people that are copying their work and making a living out of the efforts of the hard created things.

Branding or Goodwill

Registered copyright are often applied for marketing and building a way of goodwill along side quality within the minds of your customers. Registered copyright tells others that you simply care about want you invented.

After The Creators Death

After the creator’s death, protection are often extended. Copyright’s protection isn't restricted up to the initial creators’ lifetime its validity is above the other property . it's for 60 years after his/her death also.

Prima Facie Evidence

Copyright protection gives clear evidence just in case if the litigation proceeds. The proof is required to attest to anything within the court of law. Hence, here the copyright registration is extremely beneficial for creators.

Owner publicity

The registration makes work recognized across the planet and it becomes searchable within the copyright registry database. Once copyright registration is formed it limits the utilization of labor without the authorization of the creator.

Restricts Unauthorized Reproduction

The registration will prove that you simply are serious about infringement of copyright . this may help prevent illegal reproduction of the work because it gives the owner a number of legal support.

Creation of Asset

Registered copyrights are property and therefore the rights are often traded, franchised or commercially engaged.

Public Record

When the registration of copyright is completed , a transparent public record is formed that benefits the first creator to create his ownership over the said copyright.

Copyright helps in establishing credibility in Market

People will proceed thereupon content is original and not copied from anywhere and neither anyone else can steal the content.

Global Protection

Works that are copyrighted in many other countries are allowed similar privileges here in India. Furthermore, works copyright registered in India are given protection in many foreign countries.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration

It protects the creation of ideas alone it cannot be protected. The following may be protected under copyright law.