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A partnership firm is an organisation that exists between two or more persons, who would like to work together on a project or business venture despite not being related by blood or marriage. Such firms are usually incorporated under the Companies Act, 1993, out of India. They are engaged in carrying out some specific work for which they obtain necessary expertise and facilities from other parties. Whether they are incorporated as sole dealer/agent or not, they will employ field staff to fetch necessary information/file documents for them so that they can carry out the specific project/business venture.

What is a Partnership?

A partnership firm or partnership agency (often called a PPA or Personal Partnership) is an Indian company which registers its business with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) of India and acts as the agent for another company. The registered agent is called a Joint Registrar of Companies (JRC). A partnership firm has two main goals: Number One: To achieve financial viability. Number Two: To facilitate the growth of the company and ensure it meets its goal (financial viability). To achieve financial viability, a partnership firm has to sell its products/services to PAPs or customers at lower prices than the market price (this is called element of flexibility).

Types of Partnership firm Company

There are a number of different kinds of partnership firms in India and each one has its unique advantages and disadvantages. It is important to understand the differences if you are thinking of setting up a partnership firm of some kind. It is also very important to find a company that will truly help you and your team achieve your goals. When you have found the right partner, work together to set up the structure that will enable you to achieve your goals and put your best foot forward.

Partnership Registration Requirements

The most general description of a partnership firm is that it is a company registered with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) that is managed by an executive director and/or a managing director who are both personally licensed by the Registrar of Companies. Partnerships Firm refers to any company which has entered into an agreement with another entity or person for the purpose of operating a business or carrying out a contract. Such companies may be considered passive structures and are not required to carry out any activity directly while they are operating.

Documents Required For Partnership Registration

Who can partner? Any individual or organization who is of good standing in India can become a partner of a registered company. Partnership firms are allowed to have a maximum of three partners each and may have as many sub-partners as they wish. An individual may only be a partner of one registered partnership at any given time. An organization may have as many as three registered partnerships with any individual or business as a sub-partner. A registered partnership gives you certain benefits under the law including freedom from double taxation and limits on the cash you can receive from a bank account

Partnership Registration Process

When you register with a partnership firm in India, a third-party agency acts as your agent to make sure all the paperwork is in order and that you understand what you’re getting yourself into. During the registration process, the partnership firm may send you detailed information about how the partnership works, what responsibilities each partner will have, how payments will be handled and so on.

How to register a Partnership

When starting a partnership firm, you need to consider several things. First of all, it is important to understand what type of business you want to start. It may be a vertical venture that will be wholly or partially owned by another company. Or it could be a family-run business that will be part of your overall company. Regardless of the reason for starting the company, you need to make sure it complies with applicable laws and regulations. After all, if you want to register a company in India then you will need all the help you can get in doing so.

Advantages Of A Partnership

A partnership firm is a company that is not managed by anyone. Instead, it works alongside an affiliate network to promote and sell products or services. Advantages of partnership firms include: lower overhead costs
better distribution channels with fewer middle-men
tailored marketing campaign

Disadvantages of a Partnership

a) Time consuming. b) Costly. c) You have to keep an eye on the partners work and hence be careful about its quality. d) If any one of the partners is dishonest or becomes disruptive to the business, then the whole thing could fizzle out quickly. Company registration portals are available at most district offices of registered organisations. To find out about available portal providers / more information contact